Just who is behind this Algorithmic Virtual Advisor™ and why did they develop it?

Why should the wealthy be the only ones to benefit from Dynamic Risk Hedging? This group of four renegades wanted to disrupt the investment industry by bringing services previously only available to the wealthy, to everybody.

This is our cause. We are Altruistic.

Dan Bauer – Founder and Chief Investment Officer

Dan Bauer is founder and Chief Investment Officer of Bauer Wealth Management. With 23 years on Wall Street and 20 years of portfolio management experience he brings an intimate understanding of portfolio management and all inclusive wealth management.

Having spent the vast majority of his career focused on high net-worth individuals, foundations and endowments his understanding of risk controlled investing and goal oriented planning is superb. Dan is a Colorado native where he and his five wonderful daughters, Lauren, Elizabeth, Madison, Alexis and Katelynn love being outside enjoying all Colorado has to offer.

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Stephen Heitzmann – Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer

Stephen co-founded Altruistic Investing with the goal of empowering others and changing the way people think about investing. He believes that properly managing risk will give people back their most important non-renewable asset, time. This advice and subsequent peace of mind should be available to all investors.

He brings strong character values and many years of financial services experience to Altruistic, including equity/debt analysis, investment consultation, and risk management. Stephen holds a B.A. in Economics and a Masters in Finance. Stephen and his wife Chelsea live in Colorado Springs, CO where they enjoy many outdoor adventures from skiing fresh powder to climbing the Rocky Mountains.

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Joe Breakey – Co-Founder and Chief Information Officer

Joe Breakey is the co-founder of Altruistic Investing and serves on the Board of Directors and Executive staff. An entrepreneur and investor from an early age, Joe has over 30 years of executive experience building and growing Fintech companies including one public and one private exit.

Joe embraces the core values of integrity, innovation and growth and has built a reputation for developing business strategies, incubating new business models and building strong partner relationships.

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Chris Franz – Chief Strategy Officer

Chris has over 20 years of experience in building and scaling high technology, high growth companies. Chris has founded more than 10 startups focusing on emerging technology, data analytics, SaaS software and data center systems. He has built companies funded by venture capital, angel capital and bootstrapping. He is a respected mentor, board member and leader of the startup movement in Colorado.

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