Buying a House?

Buying a house will be the largest purchase, and more importantly, the largest debt most of us will ever experience. The question we have is, why would you ever consider a transaction of this magnitude without consulting a financial advisor?

Objective 3rd Party

We can be an objective third party to make sure the purchase stays in line with your overall goals. Most people are house poor and car broke. We believe this is a combination of going into the home buying process without a plan and not having a financial professional to crunch the real numbers. Think about the entire process objectively. Almost everyone you deal with in a real-estate transaction is remunerated by commission. In other words, the more debt you take on the more compensation they make. We are not saying commission is a bad thing and we work with numerous real-estate professionals!

The fact of the matter is, “It’s hard to make someone understand when their salary depends on them not understanding”. Our goal is your financial well being and making sure you are shopping within your real price range…. not your max price range.


Our Algorithmic Virtual Advisor™ will automatically adjust your investments based on the timeframe you set for your home purchase so you can focus hard on saving and preparing for this monumental event.

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