FAQs- Fees

What fees do I pay to invest?

The total cost of your Altruistic Investing (AI) account is twofold.

1. The Altruistic Investing fee is 75 basis points (0.75%) per year of your assets under management. This fee is pro-rated and charged quarterly (in arrears) based upon the market value of the average daily account balance of your accounts with ETFs. This fee covers brokerage, investment advisory and other related services defined in our customer agreement.

2. The ETF management fees on our models vary from 0.15% to 0.43% of your account balance, depending upon the specific portfolio we recommend for you. This is a weighted average of all the ETFs in the portfolio at this time. The price per share of an ETF includes these fees so there is not a separate charge to you directly.



Are there additional charges I should be aware of?

Our custodian may charge additional fees for the services they provide such as wires and expedited check delivery.

Do I pay anything to deposit funds or make a withdrawal via ACH?

No, you are not charged when using the ACH method to deposit or withdraw funds.

Are the ETF expense ratio’s included in my annual fee?

No, we charge a flat fee of .75% per annum. ETF fees are built into the price of the fund and do not come out of your account. We use ETFs in our portfolios because they generally carry a lower expense than a mutual fund and are more tax efficient.

How often are management fees assessed in my account?

Fees are charged quarterly in arrears.

Where do I see the fees being charged?

All transactions including fees are shown on your account statement and you will also be provided an invoice to your document vault each quarter.